If you have recently came back from a vacation or attended some important occasion like a wedding or birthday party. In such circumstances, photos are obvious to get clicked and you must be worried about how you would save these precious moments in the form of a photo frame. So that these photo galleries will always be in front of your sight and you can cherish those memories for a lifetime.

You can either put these photos in the form of a simple collage – A  Photo Collage is a proper arrangement of different photos in one single frame or you can go for a more interesting and unique way of collage making which is a Jigsaw Style Photo Collage. Collage making has been in presence for many years and as time went by collage designing became more of a craft than an art.

If you are seeking a special gift for your friends and family members or just looking for something unique and different then Jigsaw Photo Collage is the best to select among. A Jigsaw Photo Collage brings together your favorite photo memories and becomes a fantastic reminder of good times to hang on the wall.

Jigsaw Photo Collage can be formed on the cardboard as a base and then the photos can be cut in the form of puzzles pieces. These jigsaw puzzles and be a fun time family get-together activity where the members can solve the puzzle pieces along with recalling those happy playful moments. Another idea of designing a Jigsaw Photo Collage can be with the help of high-quality and easy collage-making software like DgFlick’s CollageXpress (A Simple and Easy Collage Making tool within minutes).

Here are the following steps through which you can Create Jigsaw Photo Collage  using  CollageXpress Software

·         Make a Collage of your favorite photos on CollageXpress and save it as an image

·         Then Import the same Collage image here through ‘Photos’

·         Add a Jigsaw Mask on the Photo

If that sounds tricky then watch our Complete Tutorial Click Here 


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