Photographs ignite an ecstatic kind of happiness in our lives, they keep our happy moments and cherished memories alive forever. They help us to connect to parts of our lives that we otherwise forget in our fast-paced lives. The traditional physical photo album has for long been part of our world. Every family has one such physical photo album in their house stacked somewhere in the deepest corners of their closet containing many long-forgotten memories. But today, no one has the time to sit, gather all their favorite pictures, develop and arrange them nicely in a decorative photo album. In the world of Snapchat and TikTok, where everything is recorded and shared online, we want to save and share every single moment happening around us and with us, quickly and in a fashionable way.

Today, many album-making software's are available online where anyone can create an album for any occasion using ready-made templates and designs. The decision of whether we should have a keepsake photo album or an e-album depends on our needs and choices. For example, for a newlywed, the correct way to preserve your wedding memories is in a decorated heavy album with selected few pictures of the couple and family whereas if you’re a photographer looking for a portable photo album to show portfolio, an e-album is your best tool. 

Let’s look at some pros of having them both:

Pros of having a physical photo album

“When you pick up a photo wedding album and set it on your lap because of the weight, you feel that you are about to embark on a viewing experience of a significant event.”

You can never lose a physical photo album over some technical issue or some storage problems. A good album with acid-free paper should preserve the prints for decades, if not centuries. There are many new creative types of physical photo albums you can have such as photo books, scrapbook albums, DIY albums, etc. They are portable, require no technology to view, and can make an impressive gift.

Pros of e-albums

“All the work is done for you, you simply have to import or drag and drop photos into pre-designed layouts.”

You can choose your size, cover, and layout to customize your album. The image quality is high and cooler. You can share these albums with as many people as you want. At the same time, you can create and order other photo-based projects (photo gifts, printed photos, books, address labels, etc). Regardless of what you choose, photo albums are always going to be trendy and valued. In this modern world, it is important to have both, whether it’s a wedding, pre-wedding, photoshoot, or baby shower.

It is always ideal to have an e-album on your phone to share and show to everyone, while also having a physical photo album to treasure forever. We at Album Xpress provide the best templates and tools to make both printable photo albums that look amazing on paper or an e-album, your personalized portfolio that you can share with your friends and family everywhere.


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