DgFlick is the largest photo software company having 5,00,000+ users present all across the world. DgFlick software is used by photographers to run their businesses effectively & in profits. DgFlick is also associated with 250+ album companies in the world. DgFlick has also developed products for brands like Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, Cewe Colour & Kodak.

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Complete Album Designing Workflow Photo Management | Photo Enhancement | Photo Edit | Photo Selection | Album Selection | Album Designing | Album Proofing | Album Resize | Album Printing/Portability | Album Publicity | Album Plus
Complete Album Designing Workflow Photo Management | Photo Enhancement | Photo Edit | Photo Selection | Album Selection | Album Designing | Album Proofing | Album Resize | Album Printing/Portability | Album Publicity | Album Plus
eAlbum is the way to view and share wedding albums in the mobile era. Album Xpress has inbuilt eAlbum publishing; while other users can use Album Xpress Publisher to convert their designed album project into eAlbum. eAlbum not just provides an album viewing and sharing experience to users but also provides a personalized marketing platform to photographers.

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Studio Software:- Passport Xpress, Photo Xpress, Edit Xpress Event Software:- Event Xpress, Photobooth Xpress, Selfie Xpress Personalized Gifting Software:- Book Xpress, Calendar Xpress, Collage Xpress, Greeting Xpress, Gift Xpress
Xpress Photobook Maker Fastest book designing through automatic layout selection. Variety of attractive and simple layouts catering to different photo orientation combinations.Excellent combination of themes and layouts, attractive Backgrounds, and decors to fill the page and the book.
Calendar with your language & events Calendar making with your events in your language is now super easy & fast. With Ready blocks for the next 99 years, make the calendar designing hassle-free task. And it’s personalizable with your photos, events & texts.

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The key of successful event Green screen photography is a great replacement for traditional methods of purchasing and carrying background set everywhere. Capable of being used by anyone i.e. from a photo lab with established printing equipment looking for better green screen replacement to a professional photographer seeking to provide more options to their customers.
Convert any pc into photobooth User-Friendly Workflow. Multi pose capturing according to design. Ready Stripe Designs and sizes. Print, Share on mobile or social media Frame. Control booth activities. Hardware flexibility
Creating memories of togetherness User Friendly Workflow. Multi pose capturing according to design Ready theme based Designs and clipart Print, Share on mobile or social media types. Hardware flexibility of adding own printer Data Collection during event.
Variable Data

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Simple, Flexible & Powerful ID Card Software Ever 150+ ready designs Inbuilt icard designer Excel Data Import 10+ Types of Bar codes Flexible QR Code Advance Photo Editing & Correction Package Printing Complete Functional Trial
Get Set Go VDP Xpress is the Simplest tool to get variable data printing. You can import data from Excel. Column headers are available as Data fields to set as variable data in design. Import Ready Designs designed in any software or make your own designs & Port data fields to have variable data design.


Design a Personalized Calendar using Calendar Xpress

Design a Personalized Calendar using Calendar Xpress

Aug 06, 2021

Have you ever missed your near and dear ones birthday or wedding anniversary? Or simply just forgot to wear your formal attire on your very important meeting in the office? just because the date slipped out of your mind. If you have experienced any of these events then what are you wondering you are in serious need of a personalized calendar maker to help you never miss out on any event in your life.

Calendar Xpress which is a calendar making software will help you design your daily schedule and manage important dates in your life with much ease and as per your needs. In fact personalized calendar will make your life much productive and even you will complete your task much way earlier than the actual time and date.

If we look back to the times when the first calendar came into existence, it has been in use for over 2000 years. This suggests that in those days people used to plan and organize the way they planted, harvested, hunted and how they performed many others activities for their survival. However, the calendar we know and use today, the Gregorian calendar, first came into use around 1582. Our use of this calendar is not so very different from the ones used thousands of years ago. We use them to keep track of social events as well as appointments.

Types of Calendar Styles:

Table Top Calendar

Table Top calendars are the best to not just keep a tab on the important dates of the month, but also have something nice displayed on your desk and home decors. Personalized calendar maker offers artistically made customized desk calendars to enhance your office desk and cabin.

Wall Calendars

A wall calendar is a must in every household and office spaces. Though nowadays mobile phones and other devices have an in-build calendar but a hanging calendar gives a different look and stays always within your vision. Calendar-making software like Calendar Xpress can help you make eye-catchy attractive wall calendars with your favorite picture or quote in the background.


Poster Calendar

A personalized poster calendar is adorned with every attribute that makes it grab people’s attention. A photo poster calendar lets you share your loved moments creatively. A personalized calendar maker lets you add your favorite photos, captions and background with different themes that makes your calendar attractive and pleasing to the eyes.


A unique calendar making software help you design your day to day upcoming plans related to professional or personal events easily. You can even make your planner attractive with customized date blocks with photos, text and clipart’s inside it adding a personalized touch to the calendar.

Benefits of Using a Calendar Everyday:

Calendars help you to stay always on toes and updated regarding any upcoming events in your workspace or personal life. Setting out realistic calendar goals is a must, as it will let you estimate how much time to appoint for start and finish work.

A perfect calendar-making software like Calendar Xpress will help you design a calendar that will let you prioritize which work needs more attention first. Calendars would not let you make any excuses that you miss out on something, it will always make you remember which work is pending and keep you on track.

When we see a calendar we get a brief idea about how to plan our day, with whom we have appointments and to whom to wish them on their special day.

Now even you can also have your own customized calendar to stay updated at all times with the help of Calendar Xpress.

Album or E - Albums ?

Album or E - Albums ?

Jul 29, 2021

Photographs ignite an ecstatic kind of happiness in our lives, they keep our happy moments and cherished memories alive forever. They help us to connect to parts of our lives that we otherwise forget in our fast-paced lives. The traditional physical photo album has for long been part of our world. Every family has one such physical photo album in their house stacked somewhere in the deepest corners of their closet containing many long-forgotten memories. But today, no one has the time to sit, gather all their favorite pictures, develop and arrange them nicely in a decorative photo album. In the world of Snapchat and TikTok, where everything is recorded and shared online, we want to save and share every single moment happening around us and with us, quickly and in a fashionable way.

Today, many album-making software's are available online where anyone can create an album for any occasion using ready-made templates and designs. The decision of whether we should have a keepsake photo album or an e-album depends on our needs and choices. For example, for a newlywed, the correct way to preserve your wedding memories is in a decorated heavy album with selected few pictures of the couple and family whereas if you’re a photographer looking for a portable photo album to show portfolio, an e-album is your best tool. 

Let’s look at some pros of having them both:

Pros of having a physical photo album

“When you pick up a photo wedding album and set it on your lap because of the weight, you feel that you are about to embark on a viewing experience of a significant event.”

You can never lose a physical photo album over some technical issue or some storage problems. A good album with acid-free paper should preserve the prints for decades, if not centuries. There are many new creative types of physical photo albums you can have such as photo books, scrapbook albums, DIY albums, etc. They are portable, require no technology to view, and can make an impressive gift.

Pros of e-albums

“All the work is done for you, you simply have to import or drag and drop photos into pre-designed layouts.”

You can choose your size, cover, and layout to customize your album. The image quality is high and cooler. You can share these albums with as many people as you want. At the same time, you can create and order other photo-based projects (photo gifts, printed photos, books, address labels, etc). Regardless of what you choose, photo albums are always going to be trendy and valued. In this modern world, it is important to have both, whether it’s a wedding, pre-wedding, photoshoot, or baby shower.

It is always ideal to have an e-album on your phone to share and show to everyone, while also having a physical photo album to treasure forever. We at Album Xpress provide the best templates and tools to make both printable photo albums that look amazing on paper or an e-album, your personalized portfolio that you can share with your friends and family everywhere.

8 Photo ideas to make the perfect baby book

8 Photo ideas to make the perfect baby book

Jul 04, 2021

Having a baby is one of the biggest transformational events in everyone’s life. From being a tiny little infant with doe eyes to running across the house with their toys, children make life more fun and beautiful. From first birthdays to first steps, toddlers give us so many funny, beautiful, and joyful moments to capture. Making a baby album that has all their early childhood memories can be a great gift for your children in the future.

And gone are the days when you need a camera to capture and make them into a hardcore album. You can click sweet moments using your mobile’s HD camera and convert them into an e-album or a decorative photobook so that they can relive those moments again and again and whenever they want.

Here are some of the photo ideas you can use to make your baby album make more adorable:

Maternity Photos

Looking back in time, children will be happy to see their pose for different photos, carrying them around in their bellies. Adding maternity photos can make your album will make you love your mother more! The mother can pose with flowers, balloons, sonograms, teddy bears, baby shoes, and so much more.

Candid Pictures

Seeing candid, surprising moments of your baby album makes you smile. These are the most adorable and natural photos that will make everyone smile for years to come. You can click photos of your baby sleeping, playing in the bath or with their toys, making weird faces while eating, teething, smiling at the camera, and tasting a lemon is always the best funny picture. 

Fancy photoshoot

Use those cool bow ties, jittery bandanas, cartoon rompers and jumpsuits, and cute suits and frocks to create a beautiful photoshoot for your baby. Use props such as flowers, furniture, decorated bassinets, lights, chocolates, heart-shaped pillows, etc. 

Spending time outside

One of the most exhilarating times for your child is when they are outside playing and seeing the world around them. You can capture such pictures with them in famous locations, on beaches, in parks, on vacations, or out on the lawn playing with the grass. 

Family Time

Game time with daddy and fun mummy time is something that makes your baby album show more connection. They bring a pure side of babies seen with their parents and relatives. So whenever your baby is helping you cook in the kitchen, roaming around everywhere on daddy’s shoulders, or goofing around with siblings, capture those moments and store them forever in your album. 

Babies and Festivals

What an amazing way to show baby’s excitement than during festivals! Festivals provide a great opportunity for parents to capture some of the finest moments with their babies because they dance, talk and do lots of mischiefs. You can click photos of them exchanging gifts, beside a Christmas tree, dancing around in their fancy attire, talking and singing, and more. 

Important Milestones

Last but not the least, pictures of first birthdays, first steps, first smile, and first day in the hospital. These pictures are the favorite shots for your babies, that help them to reminisce their entire childhood.

Fun with Pets

Furry pets are the best companions of babies. They are your baby’s personal soft toy. Photograph your little toddler in your dog’s lap to kissing your cat. Take a picture of them playing together or cuddling on the bed together. 

 A baby album can be a great way to introduce your little one to their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Make sure to write a little note or stories below every picture to make it more special. These baby photo book ideas help you hold onto the memories of yesterday a little longer. If you’re a busy parent who’s short on time, not to worry. Our feature of assembling all the photos for you and converting them into a beautiful album will help you to be the best parent. You can also make an unforgettable keepsake on Album Xpress using many baby templates and share it with everyone, everywhere.



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