Your Branded App

Reach your brand to the customer’s mobile. App carrying your brand at each point. Core level personalization of the app according to labs.

Your app

  • App with your lab name.
  • Let the customer feel connected to you.

Your logo as icon

  • Personalization of logo.
  • Your logo appears as a software icon.

Your products

  • Get your printing capabilities configured in app.

Your pricing

  • Immediate pricing of order as per your pricing policy.

Your server

  • Collect orders on your server.
  • Total order security without sharing server with others.

No royalty/ transaction fees

  • Royalty free app with one time subscription.
  • Print unlimited orders for lifetime.

Optional Designer Plug Ins For

Offer additional services to customers and get bulk orders.


  • Ready Book sizes & designs.
  • Selection of photos will make the book ready to print.


  • Fully automated software with 99 years inbuilt calendars presets in different languages.
  • Selection of photos will make the calendar ready to print.


  • Universal greeting making solution with ready designs in different sizes for instant designing.


  • Personalized almost anything as a gift.
  • Variety of ready gift design options.

Wall art

  • Software for your customers to design a master wall piece of decoration in the form of photo collage.


  • Ready to use visa sizes as per country specifications and the photo quantity definer to get the print ready package.

Photo print

  • Earn on spare photo prints.
  • Easy photo print ordering for customers.

Easy Ordering

Simplified ordering process for customers. Systematic order information collection as per yourrequirements.

Multiple delivery and payment options

Give multiple options of ordering for your customer. Order & pay online, order online and pay at shop, order online and pay at the time of delivery.

Order & pay online

Order online & pay at shop

Pay at the time of delivery