The easiest Page Composition Software with inbuilt huge decor library of backgrounds,cliparts,shaps,masks,frames/borders make your every article.

Composition Tools

Image Editing

Work with advance yet easy to use image editors.


Lasso cutting to create image cut outs for banners and magazine covers.


Chroma keying tool for images having even Background.

Touch up

Touch-up tool to remove blemishes and unwanted captured objects. Simple clone point selection and cloning to complete task in less time.


Highlight what is important. By simply rolling mouse, the important parts can be highlighted.


Erase the unwanted parts of the image to create a merging effect on canvas.

Basic Filters

Color correct images with inbuilt basic image editors. Manage Tilt of image with slider and grid to guide the tilt adjustment.



Rich content library enhancing your creation.


Connect with the other software and plugins to enjoy additional tools.

Import & Export Designs to Photoshop

Get in the PSD files to Art Xpress and enjoy the ease and simplicity of the Xpress software. Once done, get the designs back to the Photoshop with all the upgradations made by you in Art Xpress.

Connect to quick Image Correction Software*

Connectivity to World's best image correction software Edit Xpress right from the Art Xpress. Enhance images using various ready image enhancing presets.

Import Plugins

Import the popular supported Photoshop plugins in Art Xpress and get your images enhanced within the software.



Output of designs in different formats depending on the further processing requirements.

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