Software to design, impose and print multipage articles like calendars, photobooks. Simplify workflow in your designing house or let the other designers get their designs accurately imposed and printed from you. Offer a designing utility to designers and get the encrypted orders only printable at your printing house.

Our Products

  • Multiple Calendar Types to design.
  • Highlight your event dates.
  • Customize date blocks with photos.
  • Personalzie Calendar with Photos and texts.
  • Output in JPG and PDF as well.
  • Reach your brand to the customer’s computer.
  • Software with your branding.
  • Optional designer plugins.
  • Easy Ordering.
  • Add Multiple Delivery and Payment options.
  • Integrate Production workflow.
  • Start to End Standalone Imposition Solution.
  • Simplified Resizing, color correcting, Splitting before imposing.
  • Imposition Controls.
  • Making RGB images compatible to CMYK Digital Printers.
  • Create New Packages for simplex, duplex and booklet.
  • Preview before printing.
  • Get JPG, PDF or Print directly.
  • Multiple Book Type designing.
  • Create book in three clicks.
  • Set book layouts in advance.
  • Ready Templates to choose from.
  • Flexible Output Formats.