Awesome Collage designs created with Collage Xpress


Software to design Instant Printable photo collage.

Simplified Designing

Simplified Designing and photo placement to get collage generated faster.

One click layout

  • Enjoy your collage making process with new collage layout on every click.
  • One click layout modification with automatic angle and outlines management.

Ready templates

  • Ready templates for attractive collage making in no time.
  • Templates for different orientations and styles.

Title and text

  • Space to Write in your favorite catchy titles in any language, any font.
  • Decorate them with color or ready presets.


  • Collection of 100+ backgrounds in built.
  • Bring in your favorites.
  • Access 18 ready tones.


  • Collection of 500+ decors in built.
  • Bring in your favorites.

Quick Editing

  • Color correction of photos to give it a fine touch.
  • Manage RGB and brightness, contrast of the photo.
  • More editing possibility with tools like curve, level and many more.


  • Different safe margin area according to the chosen surface type.
  • The collage to be framed has wider safer area.


Ready Templates

Collage Automation





Output of designs in different formats depending on the further processing requirements.

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