All big budget CRMs enable you to maintain data about contacts but CR Xpress is the only App which works with any CRM and enables you to keep relations with customer and retain them.

CR Xpress is a smart and flexible app to Maintain, Inform, Educate, Greet & Reward Customer.


Maintain & update business Contacts


Personalize & send text messages & emails


Personalize & send Brochures


Personalize & send Greetings


Personalize & send Coupons

Smart & Flexible App

Smart and flexible App to Maintain, Inform, Educate, Greet & Reward Contacts.

Ready Designs

App has inbuilt personalize able design collection. It has 150+ Greeting designs, 50+ Brochure designs and 20+ coupon designs.

A Part of the collection is displayed.

Free Designing Software

You can design your own brochures , coupons, greetings and get them in your App

CR Xpress Desktop is our Free Designing Software specially to create and send designs to App



CR Xpress subscription is available in 3 different plans - Basic, Business & Enterprise. Plan bifurcation is based on different business needs and requirements. The comparison chart below will help you make the decision easy.

Services Business Enterprise
Up to
10 Users
Up to
50 Users
Add / Import Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Text and Email Merge
Personal Profile Creation
Business Profile Creation
Greetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Coupon Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Brochure Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total User 10 50 50+
Common Data Sharing