Import Album Pages

  • Keep designing Album in your favorite Software.
  • Import exported (flattened) pages in to Album Xpress Publisher.
  • Select Object to link Videos, Web Links or Page Links

Link Videos to Album Objects

  • Link any MP4 Video to an Album Object.
  • Recommendation – use 300 x 400 resolution for mobile viewing.

Link Web address to Album Objects

  • Link web address to any album object.
  • When you can not include total information within Album.
  • Where you will like to provide the viewer a choice of action such as Know more, Buy Now, Share, Contact, etc

Link Album Pages to Page link

  • When Album Story is bigger it may include Chapters.
  • Page Link allows you to jump to any page within the Album.
  • It may jump forward as well as backwards.

Make Multiple Profiles

  • Album Xpress allows you to include Any Profile with every eAlbum+ you create.

Possibility to pay by Coupons

  • We offer the ability for every eAlbum+ to be converted in the format of the Coupon.
  • While paying for eAlbum+ publishing you have choice to pay for publishing by Credit Card or Coupons.
  • Coupons need to be purchased in Bulk in order to receive discounted price.
  • For Discounted Coupons call 732-543-7676

Possibility for White Label

  • You may like to create your Own Brand with eAlbum+ while offering Albums to your users.
  • We make Your Branded App for you.
  • For Your Branded App -- call 732-543-7676